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Turn the pages to an adventure

Turn the pages to an adventure

Accessible quality education

Accessible quality education

A relaxing reading den

A relaxing reading den

Learn through reading


​Welcome to Arco Iris Lingua Square

Arco Iris [ar ko 'i ris] Lingua Square is a language school that specializes in language-coaching through reading along with some classes taught for particular objectives, such as preparation for TOEIC or working on weaknesses.  Our class focuses are EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and also mother-language skills (only English and Spanish at the moment). We aim to be a school offering an environment of easy language acquisition and progress for anybody who wants to learn.  
Arco Iris Lingua Square is a small school in Osaka, Japan, grounded on the principle of social enterprise.  It is dedicated to offering accessible quality language lessons to the masses and to the children in order to alleviate educational inequality.  We also pay attention to the importance of learning one's mother-language.  It is very important for children with multi-cultural or non-Japanese background to maintain such proficiency for securing their identity, future, or even daily communication.  Our school offers classes (English and Spanish reading at this point) whereby children can maintain or advance their mother-language skill at their own pace.  We also aim to simply offer children an easy, accessible, and comfortable place to be and study.
Regardless of styles, reading has always given us tremendous amounts of knowledge, hints of creativity, and open doors to imagination.  Reading teaches a lot, and leaves a lot in us.  This applies especially to books read in our childhoods.  Children learn and feel a lot as they grow up, and the books they read are no exception in nurturing their creativity and thoughts.  At Arco Iris Lingua Square, we have a large volume of graded readers in English and Spanish.  We are still working on expanding our library.  Children can pick a book of their choice that fits their level, cultivate their language skills while they learn many other things, and advance as they are ready. This is studying while having fun, and after all, that's got to be the best way to learn.    
As a language school, we are aware of the differences in language acquisition needs in children. Children with multicultural or non-Japanese background need an environment where they can keep and raise their proficiency so that their fluency is enough in each language community and gets them even higher (e.g. academic level).  Arco Iris Lingua Square offers such a place where children can grow their language skills in their own ways toward such goals.    
Being accessible is another matter that we aim to achieve, so that anybody who would like to learn can come here and do so.  We keep our prices reasonable.  A financial aid program will be implemented in the near-future.  Also, we are currently in the process of applying for a lesson-tuition-cover program ('Cram School Charge Promotion Services') run by Osaka city.               
Language learning, which can be frustrating sometimes, can be wonderful with the right kind of help.  Our main staff are experienced EFL teachers (Chung Kyungsuk and Yoko Kitagawa) with profound backgrounds, and we will soon have teachers for special-purpose classes who are as enthusiastic about teaching as we are.       
Chung Kyungsuk 


EFL-Teaching experience in a variety of schools since 1979: Many children and adults are not yet exposed to a rich English speaking environment where they can use practical English.  Gaining confidence through reading, we hope to nurture an understanding and appreciation of English not as a subject but as a tool for global communication. 

Kids-English teacher training course coordinator, Ehle Institute, Osaka (2006-2008)

Developed the public school English class instruction guidebook for 5th graders which was adapted by the Ministry of Education.  

Developed a book with 56 English lesson plans for elementary school and various workshops

English Education, M.A.  Research Topic: Implementation of phonics to the primary EFL Learning Stage

Teacher training and lectures on phonics implementation

Eiken 1st Grade

----Vice Director----
Yoko Kitagawa


EFL teacher: Teaching the importance of language as not only a tool for communication but for cultural exposure.  Utilizing "real" English as a method to bring people closer together and to open the doors to many new experiences.  

Sociology B.A. (USA, 1999), Social Development M.A. (UK, 2011)

Research Topic: Alleviation of child poverty and the potential of early-education and play

Youth Activity Program Coordinator (JICA International Cooperation volunteer) in Nicaragua (2years)

Completed the Kids English teacher training course at Ehle Institute

Translator of international development documents

Teaches cross-cultural understanding classes

Eiken 1st grade 

Hours and Fees


*10:00am-8:00pm Tuesday to Sunday

*There are assigned hours to specific classes


*Enrollment fee: ¥1,000+tax

*Lesson ticket: ¥10,000+tax/set   (covers 10 lessons)

>One lesson is 50 minutes long and costs 1 ticket (=¥1,000)

>We run on a ticket system.  Lesson tickets are sold as a set (one set has 10 tickets) 

*Book check-out deposit: ¥2,000 (Required once upon first check-out. Deposit will be refunded upon leaving the school)

*Kids Book Club insurance: ¥500/year 

Programs  *Please consult us for the enrollment requirements of specific classes 

Long-term courses (10 lessons)

-Arco Iris Course: Extensive reading and listening

-Elephant Course: Storybook time for kids

-Kangaroo Pocket Course: Extensive reading for parents and kids

-Kangaroo Course: Extensive reading for parents, activities for little kids

Short-term courses (5 lessons)



-Sciences and math in English

-Travel English

-Liberal Arts in English

-Private lessons available

Optional courses

-Spanish reading for kids/ Lecturas Españolas

-Exam Preparation (TOEIC, TOEFL, Eiken)

-Presenting in English

-Intensive English speaking

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